The Avestan spiritual tradition is perhaps the oldest of the productive ways of Enlightenment on Earth. It originated in the vast expanses of present-day Russia back in the Stone Age era through Zarathustra — he was the first historical prophet on Earth who lived during the end of the Stone Age in the Caspian region. The ancient texts of the Avesta, received from the heavenly Spheres and recorded by him for the first time, are still relevant for the world today. It is believed that Zarathustra, being alive, went to the heavenly world, that is, he reached an Enlightened state. He was a family man, which destroys the misconception that enlightenment can only be achieved in monastic status. The Avesta tradition knew the periods of the greatest flourishing, when the 7th-14th centuries BC. e. most half of humanity were Zoroastrians. During the decline, when the homeland of Zoroastrianism ceased to exist, the few remaining carriers of knowledge moved to their new homeland, to India, and now there is a diaspora of Zoroastrians in the number of 140 thousand people in the world.

Currently, everyone can join this unique path of enlightenment by receiving settings, initiations into cosmic channels / yazats from Masters of Avesta Practices who have been trained in the living lineage of the indigenous Paramparic Teacher Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Pervez Karanjia (India).

The teacher, Doctor of Philosophy Ramiyar Karanjia created a unique harmonious system of training and initiations in the practices of the Avesta, socially adapted, simple and accessible to learn, for the purpose of recovery and development, which allows ordinary social people to evolve spiritually. At the same time, they do not become Zoroastrians (they can become them only by birth), but remain attached to their native denomination. Avesta practices are a method / technique of improvement, a model of human development, it is highly effective, safe and psychoecological, it allows a person to become better, achieve great goals, maximize self-realization and be protected from the forces of evil. The practice allows the initiate to easily purify his subtle bodies from harmful influences, surround himself with invisible protection of subtle energies, destroy witchcraft and magical influences, expel essences, treat various diseases, allows him to achieve success, attract prosperity and positivity in life. Practices make it possible to achieve an enlightened state in the current incarnation.

At the moment, at the first stage, the training of the spiritual tradition takes place in 5 stages, which are symbolically named after the five levels of soul development. Upon completion of the fifth stage, specialists have the opportunity to receive the title of Avesta Master and the right to train their students according to the Teacher’s line, and then master the 6th Master’s stage, which expands opportunities. Learn more about training on the page «6 steps»4